Export procedure

In “SUNCE”, the export procedure is maximally simplified for our customers from abroad, with respect to all legal norms and rules of positive business practice, of course.


Export procedure steps:

  • At the request of the buyer and his purchase order, the seller creates an offer that is sent to the buyer with the appropriate certificates for profiles, glass and fittings,
  • The buyer confirms the order, gives consent to the offer and pays the agreed advance,
  • Based on the offer, the production of ordered positions in production plants is performed,
  • After production, the final quality control of the product is performed,
  • Packing of finished items in appropriate pallets and loading of goods into transport trucks.



If you are planning to buy carpentry from abroad, you can contact us at + 381 34 330 870 or e-mail office@suncemarinkovic.com for advice, offer, assistance and clarification of the procedure for exporting carpentry to your country of residence.

The contact person regarding the export procedure and export business is Nenad Vasiljevic, sales advisor in the B2B sector.